Office of Research & Development

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The department aims to create a sound and friendly environment for industry-academia collaboration by supporting technical education, integrating industry needs, and strengthening targeted training to meet changing demand skills.

There are three divisions in this department, led by Dr. Sally Lin, associate professor of the Department of Marketing and Logistics. Each division is headed by a section chief.

◆ Section of Industry-Academia Collaboration and Innovation Incubation


  • Enhance research capabilities, integrate research work, and keep in line with industry trends.

  • Encourage innovation and foster new businesses and technologies.

  • Promote industry-academia interaction and explore the possibility of technology transfer.

Contact Information:

02-29313416 # 2603, 2606 ,

◆ Section of Career Development Internship and Employment


  • Provide students with career counseling, guidance, planning and development.

  • Organize and arrange student internship programs to ensure internship arrangements.

  • Manage staff recruitment activities and organize employment information and services.

Contact Information:

02-29313416 # 26011, 2609 ,

◆ Section of Alumni Service and Extension Education


  • To promote certification programs on the general skills required to facilitate as a professional

  • To function as a platform for networking among alumni and current students

  • To develop and administer programs and classes in line with extension education and lifelong learning.

Contact Information:

02-29313416 # 2608, 2612

03-6991111 # 1032 , ,,

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